$g = new SWFGradient();
g = SWFGradient()
SWFGradient *g = new SWFGradient();
SWFGradient g = newSWFGradient();

Create a new SWFGradient object.

After you've added the entries to your gradient, you can use the gradient in a shape fill with the SWFShape addFill method.

$g->addEntry($ratio, $r, $g, $b [, $a]);
g.addEntry(ratio, r, g, b [, a])
g->addEntry(ratio, r, g, b [, a]);
SWFGradient_addEntry(g, ratio, r, g, b, a);
Add an entry to the gradient list. ratio is a number between 0 and 1 indicating where in the gradient this color appears. Thou shalt add entries in order of increasing ratio.

Gradient example

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