Also called a "shape tween". This thing lets you make those tacky twisting things that make your computer choke. Oh, joy!

$m = new SWFMorph();
m = SWFMorph()
SWFMorph *m = new SWFMorph();
SWFMorph m = newSWFMorph();

Create a new SWFMorph object.

$s = $m->getShape1();
s = m.getShape1()
s = m->getShape1();
s = SWFMorph_getShape1(m);
Get a handle to the morph's starting shape. Returns an SWFShape object.

$s = $m->getShape2();
s = m.getShape2()
s = m->getShape2();
s = SWFMorph_getShape2(m);
Get a handle to the morph's ending shape. Returns an SWFShape object.

The methods here are sort of weird. It would make more sense to just have newSWFMorph(shape1, shape2);, but as things are now, shape2 needs to know that it's the second part of a morph. (This, because it starts writing its output as soon as it gets drawing commands- if it kept its own description of its shapes and wrote on completion this and some other things would be much easier.)

Morph example

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