$m = new SWFMovie();
m = SWFMovie()
SWFMovie *m = new SWFMovie();
SWFMovie m = newSWFMovie();

Create a new movie object, representing an SWF version 4 movie.

Dumps your lovingly prepared movie out. In PHP, preceding this with the command
header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');
convinces the browser to display this as a flash movie.

SWFMovie_save(m, filename);
Saves your movie to the named file.

$i = $m->add($c);
i = m.add(c)
i = m->add(c);
i = SWFMovie_add(m, c);
Add any type of data to a movie. Shapes, text, fonts, etc. must all be add'ed to the movie to make this work.

For displayable types (shape, text, button, sprite), this returns an SWFDisplayItem, a handle to the object in a display list. Thus, you can add the same shape to a movie multiple times and get separate handles back for each separate instance.

SWFMovie_remove(m, i);
Remove the object instance from the display list.

Move to the next frame of the animation.

$m->setBackground($r, $g, $b);
m.setBackground(r, g, b)
m->setBackground(r, g, b);
SWFMovie_setBackground(m, r, g, b);
Set the background color. Why is there no rgba version? Think about it.

(Actually, that's not such a dumb question after all- you might want to let the html background show through. There's a way to do that, but it only works on IE4. Search the MM site for details.)

SWFMovie_setRate(m, frameRate);
Set the frame rate. Animation will slow down if the player can't render frames fast enough- unless there's a streaming sound, in which case display frames are sacrificed to keep sound from skipping.

$m->setDimension($width, $height);
m.setDimension(width, height)
m->setDimension(width, height);
SWFMovie_setDimension(m, width, height);
Set the movie's width and height.

SWFMovie_setFrames(m, numberOfFrames);
Set the total number of frames in the animation.

$m->streamMp3(fopen("filename.mp3", "r"));
Stream the named mp3 file. Not very robust in dealing with oddities (can skip over an initial ID3 tag, but that's about it). Like SWFShape::addJpegFill, this isn't a stable function- we'll probably need to make a separate SWFSound object to contain sound types.

Note that the movie isn't smart enough to put enough frames in to contain the entire mp3 stream- you'll have to add (length of song * frames per second) frames to get the entire stream in.

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