// Ah, here's another buglet in the flash player- it doesn't seem to care about
// the second shape's bitmap's transformation in a morph.  According to spec,
// the bitmap should stretch along with the shape in this example..

  $p = new SWFMorph();

  $b = new SWFBitmap(fopen("alphafill.jpg", "rb"));
  $width = $b->getWidth();
  $height = $b->getHeight();

  $s = $p->getShape1();
  $f = $s->addFill($b, SWFFILL_TILED_BITMAP);
  $f->moveTo(-$width/2, -$height/4);
  $f->scaleTo(1.0, 0.5);
  $s->movePenTo(-$width/2, -$height/4);
  $s->drawLine($width, 0);
  $s->drawLine(0, $height/2);
  $s->drawLine(-$width, 0);
  $s->drawLine(0, -$height/2);

  $s = $p->getShape2();
  $f = $s->addFill($b, SWFFILL_TILED_BITMAP);

  // these two have no effect!
  $f->moveTo(-$width/4, -$height/2);
  $f->scaleTo(0.5, 1.0);

  $s->movePenTo(-$width/4, -$height/2);
  $s->drawLine($width/2, 0);
  $s->drawLine(0, $height);
  $s->drawLine(-$width/2, 0);
  $s->drawLine(0, -$height);

  $m = new SWFMovie();
  $m->setDimension($width, $height);
  $i = $m->add($p);
  $i->moveTo($width/2, $height/2);

  for($n=0; $n<1.001; $n+=0.03)

  header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');

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