Ming/PHP examples

Big Fancy Example

A Slashdot headline scroller. For the skinny on how this works, read the Ming tutorial.

Basic Drawing and Animation
Drawing Shapes
Basic drawing commands revealed, uninteresting shape rendered. In red.

Writing Text
Everything you want to know -- everything you could know -- about adding text to SWF movies.

Drawing Glyphs
The previous example shows how to make text objects. This shows how to draw glyph outlines into shape objects. The difference is this allows you to set fill/line properties for the text, instead of just being able to change the text color.

Stare in amazement as your very own words spin nauseatingly in front of you. What will you choose- your name? an onomatopoeia? random symbols? perhaps a trite obscenity?

The happy red square spins gleefully!

The happy red square turns into a mean blue square!


png images
Can now use PNG images in shapes..

pngs with alpha channel
..even those with alpha channels.

..plus jpegs, too!

alpha masking
And you can put an alpha mask on a jpeg fill.


basic gradients
A red splotch in a grey field.

Fill Transforms

gradient transforms
A morphing gradient fill.

bitmap transforms
A morphing bitmap fill- if only it worked..

Color Transforms

basic color transform
..the spooky halloween/landing-on-jupiter version.

Action script

basic action
The happy red square swims gracefully across the screen!

mouse tracking
Shows how to follow the mouse around the window. Warning: users with nervous disorders should avoid this one.

mouse tracking again
Another mouse tracking example, but this one uses the Flash 5 _xmouse and _ymouse properties to track the mouse.

key press actions
Shows how to add a keypress action to a button. Hint: use SWFBUTTON_KEYPRESS() as a flag to SWFButton::addAction.


Fancy button actions and text fields.

more SWFButton
This one's a real drag. Ha! Get it? A DRAG! whew boy.

The happy red square changes color when you click on it!

Streaming mp3

Streaming mp3
Yes, now you can use ming to put that rock and roll devil worship music into your SWF files. Just don't tell the RIAA.

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