Ming - a SWF output library and PHP module
Ming is a C library for generating SWF ("Flash") format movies, plus a set of wrappers for using the library from C++ and popular scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

Latest News

2006.11.20 - Improved support for PHP

Ming now has updated support for PHP. The code in php_ext can now be build for either PHP4 or PHP5. The code is in CVS now, and will appear in 0.4.0.

2006.04.26 - New Official Ming Wiki

Yay! Ming now has a new Official Documentation site, courtesy of netSweng.

It's a wiki based upon the popular MoinMoin Wiki Engine, and We Need Your Help moving the old documentation to this new site.

Please check out the new site, register yourself on it through the Login page, and assist where you can:

  New Official Ming Wiki -> www.libming.net

2006.04.20 - Second development snapshot for 0.4.0 released.

Compiles properly on at least:

  • Linux (Gentoo)
  • MinGW (Windows)
  • Solaris 10
Main change from yesterdays snapshot is the much improved detection and compiling of dependency libraries. i.e. libpng, libungif, libz.

If you've previously had problems compiling Ming on your plaform when you know these libraries are installed, try again now. :)

This snapshot possibly still compiles ok on MacOS X too, but I don't have a Mac to test it on.  Haven't tested it on FreeBSD either. ;)

  Second Development Snapshot here

2006.04.19 - Development snapshot for 0.4.0 released.

Should now compile ok on at least:

  • Linux (Gentoo)
  • MinGW (Windows)
  • Solaris 10
Possibly still compiles ok on MacOS X too, but I don't have a Mac to test it on.  Haven't tested it on FreeBSD either. ;)

On MinGW and Solaris, the core libraries build and install, but you'll likely have to comment out the building of the "util" subdirectories:

  Development Snapshot here

We are looking for example code and assistance with documentation!

If you've been using Ming for a while and have some nice sample code or HOW-TO guides you'd like to share with others, please add them directly to the Ming User Editable Documentation (Wiki) for everyone's benefit, then email us to let us know!

For up-to-date documentation, please first check out the Ming User Editable Documentation (Wiki).

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